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Brussels-based Mr. Day & The Nights is a rootsy, funky, rock music combo with strong blues influences. Lyrical, poetic, danceble, and funny. Mr. Day & The Nights perforrm with their own particular dynamic style that never fails to create the atmosphere whatever the venue.


* thu 12th Sept, 21.00h, De Monk, St. Katelijnestraat 42, 1000 Brussel
* sun 13th Oct, 20.00h, De Roskam, Vlaamsesteenweg 9, 1000 Brussel 
* sat 2th Nov, 20.00h, Café Kafka, Visverkopersstraat, 1000 Brussel
* thu 12 dec, 21.00h, Scott's Bar and Lounge, Warmoesberg 2, 1000O Brussel
* sun 16th Feb 2014, 20.00h , Cafe De Loge, Annonciadenstraat 5, 9000 Gent
* fri 9th May 2014, 21.00h , Beer Mania, Ch de Wavre 174, 1050 Elsene 
* sat 17th May 2014, 18.00h, De Kriekelaar, Gallaitstraat 86, Schaarbeek
* mon 15th Sept 2014, 21.30.00h, Bluesbar Bizon, Karperbrugstraat, 1000 Bxl
* mon 13th Oct 2014, 20.00h, Brasserie Le Central, Place Lanneau, 1, 1090 Jette
* fri 28th Nov 2014, 20.00h, GC Heembeek-Mutsaard, Fr. Vekemansstraat 131
                                                                    1120 Neder-Over-Heembeek
* wen 21th Jan 2015, 20.00h, Cafe Kafka, Visverkoperstraat 21, 1000 Bxl


Black On White EP - Released! - Download links below

Love to BJ Scott for playing our music sereral times on her Sunday Brunch, Radio Classic21.


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Mr. Day & Stevie Oats



Mr. Day & The Nights - Black On White

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Previous LP’s


Brussels Skyline (1999)

Brussels Skyline

Introducing The Hard Folk (2004)

Introducing the Hard Folk

Oostende (2008)


About us

Mr. Day is the original music project of Brussels’s artist Miel Van Hasselt. Recent production stems from collaboration with producer Roman Madrolle from Brussels and fashion sound designer Alexander Maxwell from Paris. Label: www.artistsinabottle.com.



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Mr. Day & The Nights is a rock combo with its very own style that never fails to create an atmosphere whatever the venue. Their original blues/roots-based rock music is exciting, lyrical, danceable, and humorous. Influences range from Bessie Smith and Robert Johnson to James Brown and Barry White. Frontman Mr Day’s voice is a middle-ground between Lou Reed, Bob Dylan and somewhat of a Chris Isaak. He delivers razor-sharp and straightforward guitar-playing.

Mr. Day & The Nights: een modern rock combo met een specifieke eigen stijl, diep geworteld in de blues, goed voor de ambiance in bars, pubs, clubs en concertzaal. Mr. Day staat voor originele roots-gebaseerde rock-muziek, opwindend, lyrisch, dansbaar en grappig. Invloeden gaan van Bessie Smith en Robert Johnson naar James Brown en Barry White. Een stem die het midden houdt tussen Bob Dylan en Lou Reed, met een vleugje Chris Isaak. Recht-toe-recht-aan effectief gitaarwerk.

Mr. Day & The Nights est une formation rock au style très particulier. Cette formation baignée de blues a déjà fait ces preuves dans nombres de salles de concerts et clubs. Mr. Day c'est du roots-rock, excitant, lyrique, dansant, et drôle. Ils sont influencés par Bessie Smith et Robert Johnson ainsi que James Brown et Barry White. La voix de Mr Day, leader de la formation se trouve entre celles de Bob Dylan et Lou Reed, avec parfois un trait de Chris Isaak. Il nous livre aussi un jeu de guitare efficace et direct.





Mr Day

What has been said about Mr. Day

Axl Peleman  : “I could easily listen to a full album of these kind of songs without being bored for a second. Sounds very original, very good lyrics... As far as I am concerned 9,5 on 10.”

Jan Sprengers : “.... clearly performed with lots of gusto. And above all, without pretention, and it just happens that I’ve got a soft spot for that...” 

Willy Willy       :  “damned good music, seriously kicks ass...” 

BJ Scott, Sunday Brunch, Radio Classic21: "Si ça flamme pas la banane, j'en sais rien! I love it!"


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